Axel Arigato Clean 90 Sneaker ‘Grey’


Underground sneaker label Axel Arigato proudly presents another version of their most iconic footwear silhouette — the ‘Clean 90 Sneakers’. This pair comes in a monochrome dark-grey leather and it offers a sense of low-key luxury style. By combining luxurious aesthetics and functional design, the comfortable pair is equipped with suede heel panels, rubber cupsoles and a cushioned footbed. The sophisticated look is ready to hit the streets or the clubs and give you a little recognition, thanks to the gold-fold branding detailed on the sidewalls of each shoe.

  • Handmade in Portugal
  • Leather Uppers, Suede Heel Panel
  • Cushioned Footbed, Rubber Cupsoles
  • Calf Leather Lining, Gold-Foil Branding


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[ Embrace now and look for tomorrow. ]

Axel Arigato is a contemporary fashion brand with online focus, founded in 2014 by Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson with a disruptive agenda — to question the whole structure of the industry. The label initially fostered momentum by releasing new sneaker designs on a weekly basis, subverting the fashion industry’s traditional practices of seasonal drops. But its footwear-centered origins, now expand into a larger realm of accessories and ready-to-wear designs with clever subtext, URL-referencing prints and coy graphics. The Swedish label never wanted to be a streetwear or a luxury brand, but their use of premium materials in all of its products and hand-picked retailers to work with, have really changed the game for Axel Arigato.


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