Marcelo Burlon Snakes & Wings T-Shirt ‘Black & Silver’


£189.00 £125.00

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By splitting this everyday essential with his famous and infamous animal prints, Marcelo Burlon presents this unique and refreshing short-sleeved piece. The label continues to push the boundaries of fashion and design with the ‘Snakes and Wings T-Shirt’, which is a colour-blocked construction piece with a wingspan on one side and snakes on the other. The monochromatic silhouette comes with a ribbed crew neckline and is made from a rich cotton blend in Italy.

  • 100% Cotton, Made in Italy
  • Wingspan Print & Snake Print
  • Ribbed Crewneck, Colour-Blocked



[ County of Milan ]

Marcelo Burlon is the creative mastermind behind his eponymous Milan-based fashion label Marcelo Burlon: Country of Milan. Born in Argentina and moved to Italy as a teenager, the multi-talented dj, creative producer, night-life wizard, photographer and event organiser continues to push the boundaries of design and fashion production by taking inspiration from the intense life in South America and the ’90s club culture. The man with the many titles don’t consider himself as a designer, but more like an art director who is playing a variety of roles. Marcelo Burlon‘s designs are instantly recognisable, thanks to the signature wingspan placed across the shoulders and neck, representing freedom.